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What is Zùsto?

Zùsto contains a combination of plant-based nutritional fibers that were specifically chosen because of their health benefits and their excellent qualities as a sugar replacement.

  • GMO-free

  • Gluten-free

  • Based on fibers

  • 75% less calories Zùsto contains 75% fewer calories than regular sugar.

  • Same taste Zùsto has an identical taste and texture as sugar.

  • Same weight ratio You should not change your recipes.

  • Safe for diabetics

Why Zùsto?

Zùsto sought and found a full-fledged substitute for sugar as an answer to the increasing demand for a healthy sweetener. In doing so, we contribute to a sensible diet. We also help people to drastically reduce their sugar intake. In short; the benefits of sugar without any burden.

Zusto Calories

Sugar free sugar?

Zùsto is a sugar substitute high in fibers, with nothing but plant-based, FDA-approved ingredients. It provides sweetness identical to sugar, while providing a structure and texture that is superior to sugar. You can start baking without added sugars today. The unique composition of Zùsto offers the possibility to fully replace traditional sugars in most sugary products. Zùsto is a functional 1:1 sugar substitute that contains prebiotic and plant-based fibers combined with sweeteners.

Zùsto’s ingredients have been meticulously selected and balanced with great attention to the taste. The result is a nearly identical to regular sugar’s taste without unwanted lingering aftertaste. At Zùsto we go beyond flavor and aromatics, as we believe that taste is defined by a combination of multiple sensorial perceptions.

Consumers need to be wowed by all their senses. That’s why we set high standards to the behavior of our blend in terms of structure, texture and mouthfeel in applications made with Zùsto. If it doesn’t behave like sugar, it’s not good enough – we don’t settle for less.

Fibers are the future

Fibers help us reach the point of saturation much faster which makes it very important for weight management diets. At Zùsto we believe that a solid sugar alternative should not only taste at least as good as sugar, it should also benefit the consumer’s health, body immunity and well-being.

That’s why Zùsto’s unique approach is to replace sugar with a patented blend of healthy, plant-based dietary fibers. The well-balanced and researched fibers have been chosen in such a way that it optimises and fortifies the health benefits.

What about the calories? We all need calories to get our energy throughout the day, but we need to avoid ‘empty calories’ that come with no other nutritive benefits. Zùsto contains only 1/4 th of the calories of regular sugar, all calories coming from the fibers, making it valuable and nutritive calories. With its low Glycemic Index having a negligible impact on blood sugar level it is super diabetes friendly and is supported by several diabetes associations.

Revolutionary sugar substitute Zùsto

Zùsto contains a combination of plant-based nutritional fibers that were specifically chosen because of their health benefits and their excellent qualities as a sugar replacement.
  • GMO-Free
  • Gluten-free
  • Based on fibers
  • Safe for diabetics
  • 75% less calories
  • Same taste
  • Same weight ratio


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