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To the world the taste of WASABI

Wasabi is a savory herb native to Japan that has a unique flavor and spiciness. There are two types: Japanese wasabi and European horseradish. Wasabi has a long history and has been used for various purposes.

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KINJIRUSHI’s Statement of Determination

As a pioneer in the processed wasabi industry, the KINJIRUSHI Group has been providing the world with the fresh aroma, flavor, and health benefits of wasabi. On April 1, 2020, the 91st anniversary of our company’s founding, we took the next step toward becoming a 100-year-old company by revamping our brand logo, brand concept, and brand statement. Our dream is to make wasabi commonplace on every dining table around the world and to make KINJIRUSHI WASABI a globally recognized brand.

Kindly look forward to the KINJIRUSHI Group for more in the future.

Brand Concept and Statement

To a tastier and healthy world.

Wasabi is flavorful.

The aroma and pungency of grated wasabi

brings out an abundant flavor

fit for the rich food culture.

It is full of health benefits such as antioxidants,

dietary support, hair growth,

skin care and supports brain function.

We are proud to present to you

the highest quality wasabi and

contribute our extensive research

and development to bring to the world

high quality food and health benefits.

This brand concept and brand statement describes the determination of the KINJIRUSHI Group to take the grand next step toward becoming a 100-year-old company.

Our goal is to let as many people as possible know about the authentic taste of Japanese wasabi and its significant health benefits, also to create a wealthier and healthier world by introducing our wasabi.

We would like to restate our solid ambitions.

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HACCP certified
Wasabi Japonica

What is wasabi?

Wasabia japonica

Brassicaceae with wasabi gene, perennial plant with origin in Japan. There are two methods to grow wasabi – water grown wasabi and field grown wasabi which are basically the same plant classification. With water grown wasabi, wasabi grows mountainous areas where spring water or clean streams flow. With field grown wasabi, wasabi grows in cool and humid fields. Water grown wasabi grows at a water temperature of 8°C to 18°C and the optimum temperature is 12°C to 13°C. It is desirable to be below 16°C even during the summer, so it is a plant that can only be cultivated in limited places in Japan, as it requires a clear and abundant amount of water.

Selecting Delicious Wasabi

  • Good shape

  • The stalk should be of a medium thickness, with an even cylindrical shape from the root to the upper part where the stems grow

  • Vivid green

  • Freshly bright green

  • Strong fragrance, pungency

  • Natural pungency with a sweet aftertaste and strong fragrance

  • Plumpness

  • The slower the growth rate, the more meaty and delicious the "wasabi", giving it a plump appearance

  • Heavy weight

  • It feels heavy when taken by hand even if the size is not big

Functionality of wasabi discovered during KINJIRUSHI and university joint research

Antioxidant effect

Anti-aging action to prevent oxidation in the body. [Osaka University]

Detoxification effect

Eliminate toxic substances in the body. [Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine]

Cancer inhibition effect

Inhibits cancer cells from multiplying and moving through the body. [Tokyo Metropolitan University]

Anti-inflammatory effect

Suppresses pain caused by inflammation. [Kagoshima University]

Cognition improvement effect

Improves brain function (judgement and attention). [Tohoku University]

Anti-obesity effect

Promotes fat-burning. [Sugiyama Jogakuen University, University of Shizuoka]

Cancer inhibition effect

Reduces allergy symptoms such as hay fever. [Ochanomizu University]


Grated wasabi
Kizami Wasabi
Wasabi powder
Grated Wasabi
Grated Wasabi
grated wasabi

Hon Wasabi (FS-208)

- Highest quality grated wasabi.
- 100% Hon Wasabi used as main ingredient (No horseradish or mustard).
- No artificial coloring.
grated wasabi

Nama Oroshi Wasabi (RO-32)

- Excellent balance of Hon wasabi and horseradish.
- Coarse texture made to go well with sashimi.
- High quality Japanese domestic ingredients used.
grated wasabi

Kaoru Nama Oroshi Wasabi (RC-808)

- Excellent refreshing aroma of Hon Wasabi.
- Less acidity and salty taste.
- Convenient Tube Type.
Kizami wasabi
Kizami wasabi
kizami wasabi

Kaoru Nama Oroshi Wasabi (RC-808)

- Crunchy Texture (Fresh Wasabi’s stem gives a new crunchy texture)
- Excellent Pungency & Flavor by blending high quality of Wasabi stem and horseradish.
- Variety of usage (Kizami Wasabi can be used for variety of foods with fish, meat, noodle, source, etc)
kizami wasabi

Blended Kizami Wasabi (YKW-200)

- Unique blend of Kizami Wasabi (Wasabi's stem) and grated Wasabi.
- Pairs perfectly with meats and steaks.
- Convenient tube type packaging.
Powder wasabi
Powdered wasabi
powdered wasabi

100% Horseradish Kona Wasabi (G-18)

- Highest quality powder wasabi.
- No mustard powder added.
- High quality horseradish used.
powdered wasabi

Kona wasabi (A-32)

- Standard grade powder wasabi.
- High quality horseradish used.
- Smooth texture.
powdered wasabi

Wasabits (AR-1)

- Powder wasabi that has a close resemblance to grated wasabi.
- Special formula to enhance pungency.
- Excellent water absorbency.
powdered wasabi

Waner powdered wasabi (V-1A)

- Best Seller.
- Excellent Pungency.
- High Water Absorbency.
powdered wasabi

All natural Kona wasabi (VR-1U)

- All Natural Ingredients.
- No additional flavor, coloring or preservatives.
- High quality horseradish used.

Yuzu salt (YUS-100U)

- Sea Salt and High quality Yuzu Powder.
- Made in Japan with 100% Japanese Yuzu.
- Perfect as a Cocktail Rim Salt.

Yuzu oil (YUO-15)

- Made from Yuzu Oil from Japan.
- Rich aroma and flavor.
- Mixed with Neutral Oil to complement many dishes.

Yuzu juice (YUJ-900U)

- Made from 100% Kochi Prefecture Yuzu Juice.
- Rich aroma and flavor.
- No Salt, Preservatives and Additives.

Kizami Yuzu (chopper yuzu zest) (YUB-100U)

- Citrus Yuzu fruit peel from Japan.
- No Preservatives.
- Individually frozen zest for easy use.

Yuzu kosho (YP-100U)

- Blend of Japanese green chili and yuzu citrus.
- Refreshing aroma with yuzu juice.
- Lower sodium.


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